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Strengthening the Forces: The CAF’s Health Promotion Program

The Strengthening the Forces (STF) health promotion program provides CAF leaders and personnel with the information, skills and tools necessary to promote and improve their health and well-being.

The health of CAF personnel is an essential and critical component of operational readiness. CAF personnel must be sufficiently healthy and physically fit to function effectively in very demanding, challenging and potentially dangerous situations. STF enables the CAF leadership to develop and sustain a strong, healthy and fit force, in an environment which supports a lifestyle dedicated to eating well, injury prevention, coping effectively and living an addiction-free lifestyle.

Click here for our 2019 Program Guide.

Training Requests
When: Daytime, evenings, and weekends.
Where: We support all units in Southwestern Ontario and can travel to your location.  E.g. Windsor, Hamilton, Guelph, Niagara, Owen Sound, and Meaford.

Cost: A FIN code is required to cover TD
(typically meals and fuel depending on the request).
The materials and instructor are provided at no cost.

Who: Programs are for all CAF members (including class A).

Presentations & Workshops
Presentations are 1-2 hours for groups of 8-200 personnel.  Each topic can be expanded into a 2-3 hour workshop for groups of 8-25 personnel.  Workshops provide additional time for discussions and skill building.

Courses range from 1-2 days for groups of 10-20 personnel.  Certificates are issued upon completion and may include a MITE code.  Units can request a course for their members provided there are at least 10 participants (Max of 20).