Make a Reservation
We are pleased to announce that civilians working on site in London are now eligable to schedule training time within Beaver Hall.  PSP programs and services are not open to civilian personnel at this time (recreation membership required).  Military personnel remain the scheduling priority (Reg F, Res F Cl B, and pre-approved Res F Cl A personnel) and are permitted to make reservations for Individual PT, or Garrison PSP Led PT.  Reservations must be booked online via the form located within the tabs below.
Military ID will be checked upon entrance to Beaver Hall.  All reservations are a maximum of 1 hour, however time extension will be permited if facility avaiability allows.  Until further notice, users may book only one workout per day.  Bookings may be made for the following week starting the Wednesday leading to the upcoming week at 0700.  Members can submit their requests for the full week, however if workout areas/times are to vary a form submission will be required for each session.  PSP staff will do their best to acccommodate your first request, however if the facility reaches capacity within a specific 1 hour time frame your next available request will be processed.  Scheduling will be on a first come first serve basis.

A completed and submitted form request doesn't mean your reservation has been confirmed.  PSP will reply to your request confirming your reservation via email.  The tool that we're using is not a scheduling tool, therefore requests will be processed manually by PSP upon receiving each request.

Users without a confirmed reservation will NOT be able to access the facility.  

You must wear a non-medical mask while moving through the facility.  You may remove the mask once you are in your individual workout space. 

All members will be provided with their own bottle of cleaning solution and are responsible for cleaning all used equipment post use.  PSP will conduct a deep clean twice per day (1100 and 1500).