FORCE Evaluator - Certification Course
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FORCE Evaluator - Certification Recertification / New Certification - Mod 6

PSP is hosting two upcoming CAF FORCE Evaluator recertification / new certification courses:

1. Windsor:
Date:  Tuesday, 26 Mar 19 

Location:  HMCS Hunter - 90 Mill St, Windsor, ON N9C 0C9, Canada
Time: 0800hrs-1600hrs
Registration Deadline is:  12 Mar 19

2. London:
Date:  Sunday, 7 Apr 19 

Location:  HMCS Prevost - 19 Becher St, London, ON N6C 1A4, Canada
Time: 0800hrs-1600hrs
Registration Deadline is:  22 Mar 19

The FORCE Evaluator Course recertification path is up on the DLN and persons who are expiring should be receiving email notifications 90 days prior to their expiration date. It is up to the expiring member to respond to the prompts found on the DLN to start the re-certification process. If a qualified CAF FORCE Evaluator is unsure of their expiry date they can check with their unit orderly room, Ops cell, or local PSP.

The Recertification process is two parts:
  1. DLN re-certification evaluation; and
  2. Mod 6 Workshop – 8hrs.  
If a member doesn't complete the DLN re-certification evaluation prior to their expiration date and then attend the Mod 6  prior to their 2 year expiry date, they will then be required to restart the process over from the beginning (complete Mod 0-5 on the DLN, then complete Mod 6 workshop).

The Certification process is two parts:
  1. 0-5 DLN Online modules; and
  2. Mod 6 Workshop – 8hrs.
If a member is attending the CAF Evaluator process for the first time they will only get access to DLN  modules once the official course nominal roll has been submitted by PSP.
To register for the scheduled recertification / new certification course please contact the PSP Fitness & Sports Coordinator Jordan Geehan. 
Please contact the undersigned with any questions.

Kind Regards, 
Jordan Geehan - CSEP-CPT
Fitness and Sports Coordinator
Department of National Defence / Government of Canada / Tel: 519-660-5275 ext 5501 / CSN: 625-5501 
Coordinateur du conditionnement physique et de sports 
Ministère de la Défense nationale / Gouvernement du Canada / Tel: 519-660-5275 ext 5501 /RCCC: 625-5501