Services During The COVID-19 Situation

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We hope everyone is safe and coping as best they can during this unique time. We appreciate and thank all the exceptional Canadian Armed Forces members still working on the front line. We want to remind you that the Southwestern PSP Staff is still here to support CAF members while at home. 

We continue to encourage morale and wellness but understand it can be very difficult to maintain or improve fitness without a structured schedule or plan. To assist you our local Fitness & Sports Coordinator Jordan Geehan has developed a structured training plan and is posting online workouts every other day via Facebook.  In addition, PSP as a collective organization is providing virtual classes 12hrs a day, 5 days a week (all links provided below).

PSP SWO is currently still offering the services below in conjuction with PSP Garrison Toronto staff: 
  • Virtual Physical Training & creating personalized fitness programs 
  • Preparing members for specialty testing or selection (For example: PPF- Pathfinder course) 
  • Reconditioning exercise programs for those on CHIT/MELS
  • 2 LIVE fitness classes a week (Monday at 0900 & Thursdays at 1300)
  • National PSP schedule including a variety of LIVE weekday classes (Yoga, FORCE specific, circuit training, etc.)
  • Daily workouts, fitness challenges, sports challenges
  • Health Promotion advice and nutrition tips 
To get more detailed information and access to these services, please follow us on: 
Jordan Geehan:
PSP Southwestern ON:
PSP Garrison Toronto:
National PSP Virtual Fitness Schedule:

Please send a direct message if you are interested in receiving personalized tips. We look forward to interacting with you in our classes, as we are all in this together. Stay active, stay healthy and stay home! 


Jordan B Geehan