Swim Passes

Swim Passes


Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre

Due to Covid-19 this service is currently unavailable!
Once our services are back up and running please read below for more info on swim pass requests:.

Local PSP has secured swim passes to be used during lane swim at Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre.

Eligibility is limited to:

Regular Force; and
Reserve Force Cl B personnel over 180 days.

Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre is located at:

656 Elizabeth Street,
London, ON
N5Y 5L1

To apply for swim pass access please complete and submit the below application form. Your application will be reviewed by the Fitness and Sports Coordinator.  Lane swim access will only be granted to approved individuals who qualify.

If you have further questions please contact Fitness and Sports Coordinator Jordan Geehan at Jordan.Geehan@forces.gc.ca or 519-660-5275 ext. 5501

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