Workshop Descriptions - Summary

Core Programs Workshop Descriptions - Summary


Presentations are 1-2 hours for groups of 8-200 personnel.  Each topic can be expanded into a 2-3 hour workshop for groups of 8-25 personnel.  
Alcohol and Other Drugs - CAF policies (1-3 hrs)
Drug awareness education is a key component of the CAF Drug Control Program. This brief meets the requirements of the DAOD 5019-3 and is recommended for all members.
Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness (1-3 hrs)  
This brief provides simple strategies to build mental fitness and breaks down common myths surrounding suicide.  Participants learn about the warning signs of suicide and a 3-step model to help someone at risk. 
Healthy Eating, Sports Nutrition, Combat Rations (1-3 hrs)
A range of topics are available including: healthy weight loss, food and fuel to maximize training, or sports supplements.  
Stress: Take Charge!  (Presentation: 1-3 hrs)
This brief covers fundamental concepts about stress, coping strategies, and building resiliency.
Injury Reduction Strategies for Sports & Physical Activity Presentations (1-3 hrs)
Increase knowledge and understanding of common injuries among CAF members and learn strategies for prevention.  Includes specific information for load-bearing marches and work up training.

BUTT OUT – Tobacco Cessation Program (1 hour)
This program gives specific guidance to help change behaviors associated with tobacco use and provides essential support for individuals who want to quit using tobacco.  Call 519-660-5275 x5128 for an appointment. 


Courses range from 1-2 days for groups of 10-20 personnel.  Certificates are issued upon completion and may include a MITE code.  Units can request a course for their members provided there are at least 10 participants (Max of 20).
NEW - Respect in the CAF Workshop (1 full day – 7.5 hrs)    
HRMS code: 303129
This one-day interactive workshop uses scenarios, discussions, and small group practical activities to help CAF members develop and practice skills to recognize, respond, and prevent sexual misconduct as well as support those affected by it. 
Supervisor Training - Alcohol, other Drugs, Gambling & Gaming Awareness
(11 hrs or 1.5 days)  Mite code: 117733                                    
Topics relevant to supervisors include: how to identify substance use problems, when and how to intervene, CAF Policies around drugs and alcohol, and resources available (DND and civilian). 

Supervisor Training - Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness (1 full day – 7.5 hrs)
Mite code: 119531                      
Learn about Mental Fitness in a Military context and how it fits into leadership responsibility.  Develop skills using the ACE Model for early intervention.  Receive resources and instruction on how to support members at the unit level.  
Managing Angry Moments (7 hrs – 1 day)
Helps participants understand and deal with their triggers before anger escalates. Participants learn new tools to defuse situations and develop coping strategies that will ultimately increase personal wellbeing and improve relationships with others.
Stress: Take Charge! (7 hrs – 1 day)  
Helps participants develop an understanding of the stress reaction based on their individual life stressors. Participants will learn tools and select coping mechanisms that they can use in everyday life to make changes and manage their stress levels.
Top Fuel for Top Performance (2 full day sessions – 15 hrs)                          
CAF Members are athletes in uniform.  Topics include: Everyday Eating, Fuel for Training and Recovery, Body Composition, and Sports Supplements. The course includes many hands on activities.  Includes specific information for load-bearing marches and work up training.       
Inter-Comm: Interpersonal Communication (12 hrs)             
Improve communication within personal relationships by learning the attitudes and skills required to deal with conflict affectively.  Through exercises and coaching, participants learn to: understand conflict and increase active listening skills, use a collaborative model for resolving conflict built on Interest-based Communication skills, and use collaboration and communication to support health and well-being in relationships.  Provided in partnership with the MFRC.
Weight Wellness Lifestyle Program (20 hours)                       
This program helps participants develop a healthy lifestyle in relation to the food they eat and safely manage their weight for life.  Participants will learn about food labels, nutritional value of foods, snacking, physical activity, common weight loss myths and more.