Annual NHL Alumni Game

Annual NHL Alumni Game NHL Leafs vs Penguins Game. 2 Feb 2019

CAF Members,

NHL Alumni Game 2 FEB 2019
DEADLINE: Must be registered by 16th JAN 2019, 1200hrs
All Military must be registered with their CO’s approval
On the 2nd Feb 2019 the NHL Alumni are hosting a game at the Scotiabank Centre against military personnel. The instruction for the 2nd Feb 2019 is that we play our Military team (Trenton, Borden and Toronto) vs. NHL Alumni Game during the day, a banquet at the Real Sports Bar (no guest) and each players receives 1 ticket to the Leafs game that night. We have been asked to supply 6 players from the Toronto AOR (two old timers, two under 35, one female and one goalie—one player must be a reserve player).

1. Must be available on the 2nd Feb 2019 full day and night.

2. Must be a Regular Force military member or Reserve Force military member.

3. Must provide an email with CO approval to attend the event sent to no later than the 16th Jan 2019.

4. Must send completed attachment to Justin with the following info no later than the 16th Jan 2019:

a. Rank | Name | SN
b. Phone Number | Email | DOB | M/F
c. Unit | REG or RES A/B
d. Hockey Position | Experience level
e. CO Approval (yes/no)

5. There is NO tryout, you will be notified once selection is finalized.

6. Must wear full hockey equipment for both the practice and actual event.
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED TO PLAY AT ALL TIMES (As per National Rule Book chapter 11 para 12).The following CSA approved equipment shall be worn by all players at all times.

a. helmet and full face protector with metal fasteners and ear piece;
b. elbow pads;
c. shin guards;
d. padded hockey pants;
e. hockey gloves;
f. shoulder pads;
g. protective athletic cup;
h. throat protector; and
i. Goalkeeper: CSA approved mask with drop down plastic throat protector, chest, shoulder, arm and elbow protectors, athletic jock/jill, goalie pants, goalie leg pads and goalie gloves.

7. Transport will be provided from Denison Armoury, Garrison Toronto.
Contact PSP at for registration.
8.  Attached is the promotional poster click here