Grief Support

Grief Support

Loss, Grief and Healing

Grief is a natural reaction to loss and happens as a result of change. Typically, grief is associated with the death of a loved one, including the death of our beloved pets; however, loss can come in many forms.
Loss of a marriage, loss of a career, loss of stability, and loss of health. Perhaps you are experiencing one or more kinds of loss related to the COVID-19 pandemic, loss of social relationships, routines and rituals. 
Regardless of the type of loss you’ve experienced, the myriad of emotions associated with grief may seem confusing and overwhelming at times. It may even be encountered as a full body experience; affecting your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. The continued uncertainty of the pandemic only adds to the anxiety you may be experiencing. Just as each individual's grief experience is unique so is the healing process. What is common about the grief experience is the need for the grief to be witnessed.
Please know that your SWO MFRC Team is here to support you.  We can help you discover what resources and supports are best for you.
Grief Resources During COVID-19 

Grief Text and Online Support

There's a Name for the Blah You're Feeling

Coping with the Loss of a Pet: A Support Guide for Pet Owners, OVC Pet Trust

Colouring Through Grief - an 11 page colouring book by to help individuals on their grief journey.