Kids Have Stress Too!

Wellness Support for Children & Families Raise Resilience: Buffer Stress

Be your child's champion!  You can promote resiliency and buffer the effects of stress on your child. Emotional attunement creates the foundation for deep connection and raises resilience. Emotional literacy plays an integral role and as such tools to nurture parenting practices that support emotional coaching are essential. Healthy development and well-being are nurtured in an environment that radiates caring, kindness, and cooperation where choice is key. Harmonious communication removes barriers by using the present moment as an opportunity to grow. Feelings are identified as temporary and are viewed as a portal for growth and transformation. A commitment to wellness practices is embodied through modeling and engagement. Sensitive listening witnesses imbalance and validates stressors. It is solution-focused and engages curiosity to explore coping strategies that empower and build resilience. 
These resources are evidence-informed and will help you support the social and emotional development of your child. If you are interested to learn more about the Kids Have Stress Too! program, please contact your Program Coordinator.

Kids Have Stress Too!
Understanding Your Pre-teen Child: Managing Conflict
Affirmation Cards: Remind your child of the great qualities they already possess and encourage them to reflect on these resilience building characteristics.
#MentalHealthSuperPowers - a set of brain snacks to feed mental health, build resilience and increase awareness from Cosmic Kids.