Second Language Training

Second Language Training


Second Language Training

French Language Services

Rosetta Stone Language Learning Licenses 
Mainland BC MFRC is offering French or English second-language learning services free of charge online through the Rosetta Stone program. This interactive software helps you learn at your own individualized pace in the comfort of your home. 
This offer is only available to MILITARY FAMILY MEMBERS (not CAF members). If you are a direct parent, spouse, sibling or child of a CAF member in mainland BC, you qualify to use a license for up to 6 months within a calendar year. 
Some restrictions do apply. Other languages subject to availability. 
Contact: Aisha via email at

La Francophonie en Colombie-Britannique
Website provides information about Francophone services and associations throughout the province of BC

This service provides information and health care services to Francophones living within the province of BC. For more information, visit their website.

Le Centre Culturel Francophone de Vancouver 
Le Centre Culturel Francophone de Vancouver offers art and cultural events, and French-language services and programs. Visit their website for more information about the program and services offered.

1551 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 736-9806

English Second Language Services

Chilliwack Learning Community Centre
Free one-on-one English tutoring for FREE.

Contact: Marci Bulloch at 604-824-0839 (home office) or 604-792-0025 ext 2434 (University of Fraser Valley Office) or email
Additional Information at
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