Scholarships and Awards 2019

For the 8th year, Mainland BC MFRC is offering scholarships and youth development awards to family members of currently serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces residing within Mainland BC. 

The two scholarships, each worth up to $2,000.00 are for grade 12 students or for adult family members (ie: spouses) who wish to continue their education.  We will look for individuals who show good academic potential and who demonstrate contributions in school and/or their local community. The scholarship may be used towards university, trade school, school of fine arts, or a diploma course at a community college.

Apply HERE for the 2019 Scholarship
Application deadline: April 30, 2019
The two youth development awards, each worth up to $500.00, are for students in grades 8 -11 who wish to further develop their skills in an area in which they have already shown some ability and passion.  Areas of interest could include fine arts, sports, technology, dance, photography, etc.  

Apply HERE for the 2019 Youth Development Award
Application deadline: April 30, 2019