Helping Military Families Remove Barriers to Care

Strongest Families Institute is a not-for-profit organization founded to help families receive high quality, timely services.

Families learn skills to overcome their problems through a unique distance coaching approach.  Trained coaches provide telephone sessions at convenient times.

Programs proven to be effective with:
Behaviour problems (home and school) – Ages 3-12
Anxiety or excessive worry – Ages 6-17

Benefits of the Strongest Families:
  • No travel – timely access to high quality services delivered to you at home
  • No missed time from work or school – coaching services are provided at convenient times
  • No stigma – you receive help in the comfort and privacy of your home
  • No cost – programs delivered to your family at no cost through the support generous donors

“Our daughter started grade 3 and all I can say is how absolutely amazing she did! Using our plan for possible relapse of anxiety, being sensitive to the changes we spoke about, and consistent revisiting of the materials and skills, she walked into grade 3 without a single tear! Not only did she leave my arms as I hugged her one last time, but I officially got the “stop mom, I’m fine already. I got this and you need to take some deep breaths!” - Parent of an 8 year old who completed the Chase Worries Away program

For more information, contact or call Strongest Families at (866) 470-7111.