As a non-profit organization, volunteers are vital to our organization. Whether it is being an active member on our Board of Directors, or volunteering at an event, The MFRC could not be who we are without the time, dediciation, and support of our amazing volunteers. Along with supporthing the MFRC and community, volunteering has many benefits such as:

• Personal growth 
• Career exploration 
• Contributing unique skills, experiences, and perspectives 
• Socializing 
• Professional networking 
• Working with a team 
• Positively impacting the community 
• Gaining life-long leadership skills

Mainland BC MFRC needs volunteers like you to donate time, energy, enthusiasm, and experience in a variety of areas. Interested in volunteering? Looking for a fun and interactive way to support your community? Gain leadership skills? And support your Mainland MFRC? Then let’s get started!

The Mainland BC MFRC has a volunteer enrolment system which includes:

• Volunteer Application 
• Interview 
• Reference Checks 
• Police Check (s) 
• Orientation Session