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Family Separation And Reunion

The Family Separation and Reunion Service is designed to provide support, resources, and information to families of CAF members (Regular and Reservist) absent on military duty.  Separation is one of the most stressful challenges of military life, for the person going away and for those remaining behind.  This could be an overseas deployment, an out of the area training/course or perhaps involves frequent interval separations.  To help assist with the challenges, services that are available to immediate and extended family members residing in the MFRC Meaford's geographical region include:

Deployment Information
Road 2 Mental Readiness training
Emergency Childcare
Parcel Service
Warm Line Contacts (via phone or email).

 A separation can feel overwhelming.  Being a single parent, shouldering all the responsibilities and having no one to bounce ideas off are just a few of the everyday pressures.  In addition to the above services, the MFRC offers confidential counselling services in the communities in which our families live, via our Referral and Support Services for immediate family members.

For more information please contact the MFRC Meaford 519-538-1371, Ext 6509