Courses for adultes

Courses for adultes

MFRC Montreal Region

English as a Second Language

Option 1 (Incremental Learning)

  • English-as-a-Second-Language classes with a qualified teacher.
  • Level 1 (beginner) to Level 6 (intermediate) training is provided.
  • The students are given one book per module, which covers the notions of conversation, grammar, reading and writing.
  • Classes are held part-time, twice a week for a total of five hours a week.
  • The session lasts 12 weeks.
  • We offer two sessions a year: September to December and January to April.

Option 2 (Conversation-based Learning)

  • English-as-a-Second-Language conversation classes with a qualified teacher.
  • The goal of this training is to be able to understand and communicate, so there will be lots of group discussions.
  • The content is adapted to the needs of the group.
  • Classes are held part-time, once a week for 2.5 hours.
  • The session lasts 8 to 12 weeks.
  • We offer this training in all three sessions: fall, winter and summer.
  • Basic knowledge of English as a second language is required in order to take this training.

Option 3 (On-line Learning)

  • We offer an on-line course free of charge to the spouses of members only.
  • This program is for learning English as a second language.
  • There is a waiting list for this program. 
  • Frequency of use is checked, as the program must be used at least once a week.