Fitness - Montreal Garrison

Fitness - Montreal Garrison

Last update: April 8, 2021 - Please note that due to the health crisis, some services are currently suspended. (See each section for more details)

Services offered at the Montreal Garrison

The vision of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Health and Physical Fitness Strategy is to “provide the ways and means for every CAF member to attain and maintain their personal health and physical fitness sufficient to meet CAF operational requirements.” You can find out more about the strategy on the Defense Internal Network.
The Montreal sports center offers a wide variety of fitness courses and activities.

Services offered to the military

COVID-19: Priority of physical test (FORCE and Specialized Trade)
1. Ongoing domestic and international operation (deployment)
2. Recruiting (to include component-transfer and sub-component transfer for employment purposes)
3. Individual basic training (BMQ, BMOQ, BTL)
4. Environmental basic training
5. Mission-essential individual and collective training.
6. Other situation approved by the PSP Director Fitness, Sport, Health promotion and Soldier On.
7. Force test for command teams of level 4 and higher.
Services offered to the military and the Sports and Leisure Plan (PSL) members
  • Outdoor store and equipment rental
  • Access to sports facilities
  • Lunchtime lessions (Bootcamp, spinning, etc.)
April 8, 2021
The sport center is currently open for outdoor unit fitness classes and bootcamps for a maximum of 7 participants only. The weight room is currently closed.

Please note that, due to the sanitary measures in force, the changing rooms and water fountains are currently closed and that a face mask must be worn at all time including during outdoor group sessions.

You must reserve a time slot before showing up using one of the following means on Thursday of the previous week at the earliest:
- 514 252-2777 # 2752
- If you have access to the National Defense SharePoint, copy and paste the following link into your browser:éservation%20plage%20horaire%20PSP.aspx

Monday to Friday: 6:30 to 16:00
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
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Marc-André Déry
Fitness, sports and recreation Coordinator - Montreal Garrison
514-252-2777 ext. 2476

Sports center Montreal Garrison - Building 199
514-252-2777 ext. 2752