Health Promotion in the CAF is a concept from a military population health report that aims to change individual behaviors and improve the overall health of military members to maintain optimal deployability. Created in 2002, the program is based on the Ottawa Charter for the Health Promotion and aims for an addiction-free and physically active lifestyle associated with healthy eating and good mental health.

Mission  Contribute to the achievement and maintenance of a high level of overall health among members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) community, thereby making them fit for deployment throughout their careers.
Vision That all members of the CAF community and their families in the Montreal area achieve optimal levels of physical and mental health and become a national reference model.

Covered areas
Services are available to military members and their immediate family (18 year old and over) in the Montreal area.
• Saint-Jean Garrison
• Montreal Garrison
• Saint-Hubert
• Farnham
• Royal Military College Saint-Jean 


450 358-7099, ext. 7207