Psychosocial Services
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Psychosocial Services

The Family Liaison Officer (FLO) usually assesses your situation by meeting with you individually, as a couple or a family. The FLO will then suggest various options, such as a consultation, a recommendation or reference to other services, or a combination of those options.
A consultation with a social worker is a process aimed at meeting the psychosocial needs of individuals, couples, families and groups while providing them with support in achieving their goals and making changes. Various activities and techniques are used during the consultation to help them achieve set goals. The approaches and methods used include the solution-based approach, the motivational interview, the systemic approach, cognitive-behavioural therapy tools and techniques, and mindfulness. Since every person and situation is different, we adapt our services to who you are and what suits you best, to the best of our knowledge and ability. 
We recently acquired the ability to provide real-time web-based video-conferencing. Ask about the terms and conditions of this service.

Here are some of the challenges that families often raise during their consultations with the Family Liaison Officer:

  • Concerns about the military member and his/her mental state (suicidal ideas, depression, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorder, etc.)
  • Exhaustion (from an increase in the spouse’s chores and responsibilities)
  • Anger (at oneself or someone else)
  • Conjugal issues (communication, loss of desire, feeling like you’re growing apart, etc.)
  • Concerns and fears regarding a release from the Canadian Armed Forces (see the Medical Release tab)
  • Conjugal and domestic violence
  • Not knowing what to say to the children about the illness, injury or death
  • Stress, worries, sadness or isolation felt by a child or an adult
  • Family members grieving a loss (related to a physical ability, cognitive ability, death, separation, etc.)

Are you dealing with a challenge that is not listed above? We would be happy to discuss it with you and provide you with support in finding a solution. Every family is different, and they all deal with their own challenges. However, remember that you don’t have to deal with your challenges alone. We are only an e-mail or a call away.  

Health Care Services Consent Form (for adults)
Health Care Services Consent Form (for children 14 and under)

For more information, contact our Pyschosocial Counsellor at: or by phone at 450-462-8777, ext. 6821.