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MFRC Montreal Region

Resources and links

MFRC Social Workers
Barry Crago, Social Worker Saint-Hubert: ext. 6828
Saint-Jean: ext. 7103
Prevention, Support and Intervention
Rachelle Guitard, B.Sc, Social Worker Saint-Hubert: ext. 6858
Saint-Jean: ext. 2520
Family Separation and Reunion
Audrey Gallant, S.W. Saint-Jean: ext. 5190 Family Liaison Officer
Alain Houle, Conjugal and Family Therapist,  Psychotherapist 819-345-0929 Prevention, Support and Intervention in the Eastern Townships

Civilian Resources in and around St-Jean
Saint-Jean CLSC (local community health centre) 450-358-2572 Maison Hina (women’s shelter and external services) 450-346-1645
Saint-Jean Hospital 450-359-5000 Maison Simonne Chartrand (women’s shelter and external services - Chambly) 450-658-9780
Le Virage (for addictions) 450-348-1600 L'Éclusier (support for those close to someone suffering from mental illness) 450-346-5252
L'Entrenous (mental-health help, peer support, transportation) 450-346-1386 Richelieu Peer Support Centre (volunteer action centre) 450-347-7527
Men’s Support Centre 450-446-6225 L’Expression Libre Support Group (for victims of sexual assault) 450-348-1365
Centre Partage Johannais (second-hand store offering material support) 450-347-9338 Women’s Centre (Chambly) 450-447-3576
St-Vincent de Paul Society (food bank) 450-358-1222 Women’s Centre (Saint-Jean) 450-346-0662
Coffre (employment for women) 450-347-6101 Inform'elle (legal info for women) 1-877-443-8221
Legal Aid 450-347-5000 Maison Le Point Commun (external mental-health follow-up) 450-346-5706
Canadian Tax Foundation Rive-Sud (financial, debt services) 1-877-677-6394 Inclusion (info on income security) 450-346-7369
Aux Mille et Une Astuces 450-741-7541    
Civilian Resources in and around St-Hubert
CLSC (local community health centre) 450-443-7400 Les Barbaparents (educational activities for families with children 0 to 11 years old) 450-448-3454
La Maison de Quartier Fonrouge (community centre) 450-646-8800 Centre de l’épanouissement de l’enfant Pinocchios / Pinocchio children’s centre (educational sensory and motor skill activities) 450-674-2201
Saint-Hubert Family Aid 450-677-7254 L’Envol (support for young mothers) 450-465-1441
L’Antre-Temps (help for homeless youth 16 to 21 years old) 450-651-0125 Inform’elle (legal information helpline for women) 450-443-8221
Canadian Tax Foundation Rive-Sud 450-677-6394    
Association de Parents de l’Enfance en Difficulté (for parents with young children) 450-679-9310    
S.O.S Violence Conjugale 514-873-9010    
Fédération des Maisons d’Hébergement pour Femmes (shelters for abused women in Quebec) 514-878-9134    
Alternative Centregens (services and a living environment for those with mental-health issues) 450-651-0651    
Helplines / Sympathetic-Ear Lines
Suicide Prevention Centre (24/7) 1-866-277-3553 24/7 helpline for those going through a suicidal crisis
Info-Santé / Info-Social 811 24/7 helpline for questions related to physical and mental health and to psychosocial problems
LigneParents 1-800-361-5085 For the parents of children 0 to 20 years old: phone intervention, immediate and short-term support, defusing family crises, orientation, advice, education and training on parenting skills
Tel-Jeunes 1-800-263-2266 / Free, confidential and accessible 24/7 resource for children and youth 5 to 20 years old in Quebec (over the phone and online)
Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 /
Free, confidential and accessible 24/7 resource for children and youth 5 to 20 years old in Canada (over the phone and online)
Drogue: Aide et Référence 514-527-2626 Telephone information, reference and support service on drug and alcohol use, available 24/7 anywhere in Quebec
Jeu: Aide et Référence 514-527-0140  
Telephone information, reference and support service on problem gambling, available 24/7 anywhere in Quebec
Maison Monbourquette 1-888-533-3845 Sympathetic-ear line for those in mourning (Monday to Friday, 10am to 10pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 2pm
S.O.S Violence Conjugale 1-800-363-9010 Free 24/7 bilingual welcome, listening, assessment and reference service
Grossesse-Secours 514-271-0554 Provides women with a sympathetic ear, support and information on pregnancy and everything related to it, with the utmost respect for their situation, personal decisions and values, so that they can reach their potential now and in the future
Association des Grands-Parents du Québec 1-866-745-6110 AGPQ-M, a community organization that helps grandparents, defends their rights and fights for grandchildren
Tel-Aide 514-935-1101 Free anonymous/confidential 24/7 service offering a sympathetic ear in English or French
Tel-Aînés 514-353-2463 Helps the elderly end their social and emotional isolation and express their feelings regarding various situations in life after the age of 60, and helps those close to an elderly person express their challenges and limitations
Tel-Écoute 514-493-4512 Free confidential service offering a sympathetic ear and references to those 18 or older in a psychologically precarious or distressing situation
Anorexie et Boulimie (ANEB) 514-630-0907 Guarantees immediate and free professional support to those suffering from anorexia or bulimia
Gai Éoute 514-866-0103 Centre offering information, help and a sympathetic ear to those affected by or interested in issues related to sexual orientation
Info-Abus 514-489-2287 Confidential, bilingual helpline offering a sympathetic ear, information and references to elderly victims of psychological, financial and/or physical abuse
Phobies-Zéro 514-276-3105 Non-profit community organization that assists youth and adults suffering from anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive behaviour