Veteran Family Program

Is your family transitioning from military to civilian life? We have programs, services and resources to support you during your transition.

The Veteran Family Program, funded by Veterans Affairs Canada, is specifically intended for medically releasing CAF members, medically released veterans and their families.

You can access the VFP across Canada through:

Military Family Resource Centres;
Family Information Line ;

MFRC staff members, including the Veteran Family Program Coordinators, are aware of the possible adaptations that your family may face before, during and after the release. They can help you make a successful transition to civilian life by providing programs and services adapted to your unique needs. To contact a Veteran Family Coordinator, please call or visit your local MFRC office.

Myriam Dutour, S.W.
Veteran Family Program Coordinator
Saint-Hubert : 450 462-8777, ext. 6816
Saint-Jean : 450 358-7099, ext. 2910