Financial support for childcare

Have you heard about Family Care Assistance (FCA)?

“Administered by local units, FCA is designed to assist CF single parents and Married Service Couples offset increases in their normal costs for family care when service requirements necessitate members to be absent from their home unit for 24 hours or longer.”

CF members can contact their orderly room to take advantage of it.

Revenue Québec

Families who do not use subsidized daycare services are entitled to a provincial tax credit in Quebec. The tax credit can be claimed when filing a tax return or by advance payments.
Childcare receipts are also eligible for the Government of Canada child care expense deduction.
The childcare provider will be required to provide receipts. A non-subsidized private facility will have to disclose its establishment number, and a non-subsidized home-based childcare provider will have to disclose their Social Insurance Number.

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Canada Revenue Agency

In addition to the allowable deduction for childcare expenses, note that the federal government provides financial assistance of $60 to $160 per month, depending on the age of the children, called the Canada Child Benefit (CCA).

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