The Family Care Plan (FCP) and the Emergency Childcare Plan

The FCP is a document indicating who will take care of a CF member’s children in the event that the member is required to leave suddenly on military service and the usual caregiver is not available because of an emergency. The FCP should be discussed and planned with the support of the member’s significant others. Then, the member should give a copy of the FCP to his or her Unit clerk. While an FCP is the responsibility of the member and is not approved by the unit, the member may seek the advice of unit authorities on the preparation of the FCP and the completion of the form, Family Care Plan Declaration.”

Defence Administrative Orders and Directives (DAOD) 5044-1: Families: Family Care Plan.

The family can also fill in the MFRC’s Emergency Childcare Plan Booklet, which will also help in planning childcare.

The proper completion of the Family Care Plan, or the MFRC’s Emergency Childcare Plan Booklet, will significantly facilitate access to Last Resort Services.