Casual Child Care


MFRC Montreal Region

Transition care

Transition care is offered to families who need more than six periods by week on a short-term basis (2 weeks). This service is offered for a maximum of three months to meet the daycare’s needs of a family who:

  • recently moved to our region;
  • are on a waiting list, or have lost their place in a daycare;
  • usually attend a daycare center that has closed for an indefinite period of time;
  • are dealing with a family emergency; or
  • are temporarily dealing with a particular situation.

Transition care (more than 6 periods by week): $27/day

To have access to this service, you must contact the Childhood Services Coordinator, who will evaluate your situation.

Noémi Trépanier
Childhood Coordinator
Saint-Hubert: 450 462-8777, ext. 6830
Saint-Jean: 450 358-7099, ext. 7012