Activities Periods

Activities periods

Here is the weekly schedule for activities at the Loft!


The registration time is officialy launched.

The Loft’s leader activity will host the sessions and we assure you that they will respond to any health and security measures enforced by the provincial government, mostly about the summer day camp measures. 

You can register by following thoses steps :

- Connect yourself on the MFRC portal
- Select : Registration of activities at the Loft (depending on the week selected)
- Fill the personal data for each of your kids
- Choose the day of the week that you want and choose also in which group you want your child to be in (AM, PM, both)
- Fill the PDF registration form, that we will use for all 2020-2021 Youth Sector activities and send it at the following address:
- Confirm your registration by approving it in your purchase kart (even if the activity is free).

Please take note that the registrations will start on Thursday, June 18th 2020. We are giving a priority for families who need an urgent respite time. For all the other registrations, we will proceed with first come first served policy. Thank you.

Important document to read: 

For more information, you can contact the Youth Center Coordinator:

Geneviève Chatigny
Youth Center Coordinator
Saint-Jean: 450 462-8777  ext. 6817 
Saint-Hubert: 450-358-7099 ext. 2911