Volunteer Recognition Program

Volunteer Recognition Program

MFRC Montreal Region

Recognition to our Volunteers

The MFRC’s volunteer recognition program highlights the dedication of our volunteers, the time and energy they give to our organization, their involvement and efforts at every level, and all the good work they accomplish, not to mention their ongoing commitment over the years. The following are the MFRC’s volunteer recognition awards:

Discovery Award (for over 50 hours)

  • Recognition certificate

Support Award (for over 100 hours)

  • Personalized gift (valued at $20)


Involvement Award (for over 200 hours)

  • Gift basket of local products (valued at $35)

Commitment Award (for over 300 hours)

  • Personalized gift certificate (valued at $50)

LEGEND Award (for 400 hours or more)

  • Family photo session or guided tour of a tourist site (valued at $75)

Events for the volunteers

In addition to the Recognition Program, two major events highlight the volunteers’ involvement:

Volunteers’ Dinner

Dedicated to the volunteers, this dinner is a great opportunity to meet up with everyone, enjoy a delicious meal together in a fun atmosphere and present the volunteers with recognition awards for their involvement and dedication.

2 Cdn Div Volunteers’ Night

Held in May, this event to thank all 2 Cdn Div volunteers for their work and commitment includes a dance.

Please feel free to contact the Community and Social Services Officer to find out about the MFRC’s volunteer opportunities or to obtain more information on the Recognition Program.

Kim Hébert

Community and Social Services Officer

T 450-462-8777 ext 6835
F 450 462-6822
T 450-358-7099 ext 5059
F 450-358-7007