Military Life 101 Workshop
MFRC Montreal Region

Military Life 101 Workshop

The purpose of the Military Life 101 workshop is to provide military families all the services available to them and how they can be more involved in military life.

During the workshop, you will be surrounded by people who, like you, have a family member who made the commitment to be a soldier and pursue a career in the Forces. They will be at different stages in their career. The workshop is a great opportunity for you to talk with people who are in situations like yours and are wondering the same things as you.

During the workshop, we will touch relevant topics, such as:
• The Canadian Forces Family Covenant
• Extracts from the Defense Policy towards military families
• Definition of "Family" according to the Military Family Services Program
• Overview of the military life (the impacts of this lifestyle and the contribution of the MFRCs and available resources)
This is a free workshop given several times a year at various locations in the Greater Montreal Area.

For further information, such as the next registration dates, send us an e-mail at or call us in Saint-Hubert at 450-462-8777 ext. 6810 or in Saint-Jean at 450-385-7099 ext. 7955.