Nutritional Wellness

Nutritional Wellness

Nutrition Wellness

This program focuses on performance nutrition, healthy diet, weight management, and risk reduction for chronic diseases.  Nutritional wellness in the CAF involves providing the knowledge and strengthening the nutrition environment to facilitate CAF members in making healthy choices appropriate to their stage of life, activity level and overall health. 
Core Programs

Top Fuel for Top Performance
This is a module-based course that will help you choose the amount and type of fluid and food you need to balance energy requirements in order to maximize your health and physical performance.

For more information or to register, please 
Email:  |  Phone: (306) 694-2222 ext 5326

Here is the Top Fuel for Top Performance Participant Workbook to follow along with the workshop.

Biggest Winner + (based on our Weight Wellness Lifestyle Program)
In collaboration with PSP Fitness, this 9 week program will allow registered participants to have access to fitness and nutrition information sessions, cooking classes, and grocery store trips. Register through PSP Fitness.

Local and Regional Resources 
Local Community Programs
Dietary Supplements
HealthLine 811
Nutritional Facts
Booster Juice
Boston Pizza
Burger King
Dairy Queen
Domino’s Pizza
McDonald’s Canada
Pizza Hut
Taco Time
Tim Hortons