Addictions Awareness

Addictions Awareness


Addictions Awarness

Addiction Awareness
Our addictions awareness programs focus on healthy lifestyle choices to prevent the use of tobacco and other drugs, and to reduce the risk of developing problems with alcohol and gambling by teaching effective coping skills, positive social interactions, spirituality, and balancing work and family.
Core Programs

Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gambling and Gaming Awareness: Supervisor's Training (MITE Code) 
This program is designed specifically for the Canadian Forces and for personnel in leadership positions. It is designed to assist leaders to promote an addiction free culture in their workplace and to learn the skills and techniques to help a staff member who may be dealing with an alcohol, gambling, or gaming addiction.

Eligibility: Reg/Res/Foreign Force in Supervisor Positions.

Register with your local Health Promotion Department at 306-694-2222 x 5326 or email 

Local and Regional Resources
Adult Workshops & Drop In Support
HealthLine 811
Last Door: Breaking the Chains of Addiction
Mental Health and Addictions Support Services
Smoking Cessation
Mental Health & Addictions Unit        306 691-6464
Alcoholics Anonymous   306 693-6888
Al-Anon        306 691-5811
Narcotics Anonymous    306 757-6600
Gamblers Anonymous  800 306-6789
Poison Control           866 454-1212
Methadone Program   306 694-4090
Needle Exchange Program    306 691-6400
Public Health    306 691-1500
Crescent View Clinic 306 691-2040
Providence Place for Holistic Health                  306 694-0201