Military member in uniform
SGT. Ronald Duchesne, Imaging section, Valcartier Garrison

Deployment Services

Pre-Departure Services

If your loved one is preparing to leave due to military obligations, we invite you to access the following services:

  • Family Information Form;
  • Family Care Plan;
  • Counselling for children, couples, families, and individuals;
  • Quarterly “Road to Mental Readiness” (R2MR) sessions;
  • Information sessions and workshops for partners, spouses and parents;
  • Separation Preparedness Information Package;
  • Information package for teachers and educators;
  • Resource library.

Separation Services

While your loved one is away, we invite to access the following services:

  • Counselling for children, couples, families, and individuals;
  • Monthly Warm Line Calls (The Warm Line Call is a confidential, informal telephone support service, provided by trained volunteers, that serves to support and inform families of programs, services, resources, activities and events offered by the Family Separation and Support Counsellor and the MFRC-NCR);
  • Social and support groups for partners, parents, youth, and children;
  • Resources and information sessions to help partners, parents and children cope with separation;
  • Social events for families supported under Family Separation & Reunion services;
  • Deployment Respite Childcare and Emergency Childcare information
  • Free overseas mailing to most CAF members on active operations;
  • Links to workshops, drop-in programs and volunteer opportunities.

Reunion Services

When your loved is due to come back home, we invite you to access the following services:

  • Counselling for children, couples, families, and individuals;
  • Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) – Transitioning after Separation Workshop for partners, parents, and  spouses;
  • Ongoing support for up to 3 years post deployment including access to all programs/events;
  • Reunion packages for families – What to expect when member returns;
  • Family Separation and Reunion related referral for parents, spouses and children;
  • Follow-up services: resources and referrals.

Additional Resources

If you are in a crisis situation please call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance. After MFRC-NCR office hours, please contact the Duty Chaplain via the Military Police Line (613) 995-0123, CFMAP at 1 (800) 268-7708, or the Family Information Line available 24/7 at 1-800-866-4546.