Emergency Family Care Assistance

Support for CAF families in times of crisis

Emergencies can happen at any time and leave military families in a crisis situation. In times of crisis, normal levels of support may not be enough. The Emergency Family Care Assistance (EFCA) Policy created by Military Family Services (MFS) aims to provide families with an avenue of support for when emergencies strike.
EFCA Policy focuses on challenges specific to military families; ensuring that these levels of support do not unintentionally provide military families with an advantage over their civilian counterparts.
The EFCA Policy aims to provide families with support for their short-term emergency family care requirements (i.e. emergency childcare, mental health support etc.). The intent of the EFCA is to provide support to military families after all other avenues of support provided by the CAF and Director General Compensation and Benefits (DGCB) have been explored and/or enacted and insufficient to meet military family’s emergency needs.
This policy will take effect on 20 April 2020 and supersedes all previous MFS emergency and respite childcare policies.


  1. When CAF personnel are required to report for duty on unexpected and short notice, and/or CAF personnel are absent due to a military tasking, AND neither the primary nor secondary family care provider (as identified in the Family Care Plan) is available, AND the assistance available through the Family Care Assistance is insufficient ([CBI] 209.335; DND 2269;;
  2. When CAF personnel require unanticipated additional time and family care expenditures beyond what is available through House Hunting Trips (HHT), in order to secure essential necessities (search for housing and/or spousal employment etc.) when newly posted (up to a period of 3 months after arrival at their new location);
  3. When CAF personnel or immediate family members require emergency medical and/or mental health services, AND neither the primary nor secondary family care provider (as identified in the Family Care Plan) is available, AND the assistance available through Casualty Support Services ( and the CAF Caregiver Assistance Benefit are insufficient ([CBI] 211.05,;
  4. When a CAF personnel or an immediate family member have died and the family needs support through the repatriation, funeral and bereavement process; AND the assistance available through the Shoulder to Shoulder program is insufficient (; or
  5. A unique situation where emergency family care assistance may be required other than in a situation detailed above in which special requests may be approved at the discretion of MFS.


  1. CAF personnel must submit their completed FCP (DAOD 5044-1A) to their unit identifying primary and secondary caregivers that are available in the event of an emergency or military tasking.
  2. Military families who require emergency family care should contact:
    • Family Information Line (FIL): 1-800-866-4546 (available 24/7);
    • Your local MFRC:; or
    • Padre office: 613-998-3246 / Duty Padre (after hours via Military Police): 613-820-0123