Parcel Service

Parcel Service


Parcel Service

Canada Post's 14th annual MORALE MAIL, a free mail initiative, is available until January 10, 2020! This initiative proudly offers free postal services (with a tracking number) for members of the Canadian Forces abroad.​

Please be advised, all Morale Mail packages are required to be addressed to specific members.

What: Totally FREE MAIL (With tracking until it reaches Halifax/Victoria/Belleville only)
When: October 16, 2019 Until January 10, 2020
Where: All Canada Post Corporation outlets
How: Family & friends can visit any Canada Post Corporation outlets in Canada and mail your parcels for FREE.

Destination of parcels (MUST be one of the following addresses)


* Letters up to 500 gr. are FREE
* Regular Parcel service is FREE (no special services)
* The maximum weight of parcels: 20 kgs
* Oversize parcels are not accepted.
* Registered Mail is not acceptable
* A customs form must be completed (available at the CPC counter)
* Rules and guidelines of the Canadian Forces Postal Service (CFPS) also apply

Additional Information here


During the holiday season, the CAF and Canada Post have extended their Morale Mail policy to include greeting letters/cards (only) addressed to “Any Canadian ARmed Forces Member” and have waived the postage cost. Senders will have to ensure that they use the appropriate Belleville address, along with the appropriate PO Box 4 digit number associated with the operation in order to qualify for the free letter mail program.

All letters/cards must be left unsealed/opened/or lightly taped to ensure that those who have to quality check the content/messages for appropriateness can do so with ease. Teachers are encouraged to read every message written to ensure that the notes are appropriate and do not include suggestions of violence, death, war, etc., as these letters could be re-directed anywhere in the world where the members are deployed to. Messages of general well-wishes, questions of hobbies or pets, etc., are acceptable. If teachers would like to attempt to establish communication with the recipient, an address to the school along with a teacher’s name and/or an email address may be included so that the recipients who wish to write back know where to direct a response to.
Those wishing to send more than one letter/card can collect them together into a larger envelope or a small box. Please refer to the document attached to see how the envelope/box front should look like.

In accordance to the article posted by Global News, all letters/cards need to be in Trenton/Bellville by December 9, 2019. To ensure that this timeline is met, participants are encouraged to drop off their letters/cards at their local Canada Post outlet and send their packages directly to Belleville, factoring in the 2-3 business days for the transportation between Ottawa and Belleville.

Canadian Forces family members and friends are able to send lettermail and parcels to deployed Canadian Forces members free of charge. The following guidelines are offered to assist in properly preparing your letter or package.  Download our list of drop off location to know where to drop your parcels. 

Parcel Packaging
All packages must be securely packaged to avoid damage and leaking. Place breakable items or liquid substances within a strong outer container to avoid damaging other items. Canadian Forces Morale Mail is not insurable or traceable.

Parcel Dimensions, Size & Weight
Items that do not meet size and weight restrictions will not be accepted.
- Maximum weight of 20 kilograms
- Maximum length of 1 metre; AND
- The maximum length + girth* is 2 metres.
The definition of girth is “width + height + width + height”

Return Address
Place the return address and phone number in the top left corner of parcels.

Customs/Contents List
All parcels are subject to inspection by the host country’s customs officials. Therefore, write a detailed list of contents on the bottom left corner of all parcels. Please visit the Instructions for mailing overseas for the full list of prohibited items. All parcels shall contain a list of: Contents, Quantity of each item, Value of each item, Weight.

Addressing Reference 
-Write the address on the front of the parcel
-Consult the addresses for overseas operation page on the Forces website
-Write the CF member’s service number, rank, name, and the deployment unit 
Download Address Template

Families and friends within Canada may send letters and parcels to Canadian Forces members, DND employees, CFPSA personnel, and CF Contractors.  

Delivery time frame
Morale Mail is often sent only once weekly from locations across Canada, it may take as long as 28 days from the time of mailing to delivery to the addressee in Theatre.  

Mailing Instructions For OP Unifer

A new form called the Care Package Load List must be filled out by the families, and inserted in an envelope attached to the outside of the parcel.  The envelope must be marked "Load List" as shown below.

If a package is sent without this form attached, there may be delays in processing.

The Load List form should be completed as follows:

Other guidelines for OP Unifier:

When mailing any parcels or letters, DO NOT include the rank, unit or section anywhere on the package or accompanying documents (e.g., the load list or the Canada Post form).  Packages should be addressed with the Member's initials and name only. Below is an example of how to address your parcel or letter.

For more information visit the Instructions for mailing overseas