Accenture Partnership

Accenture Partnership

Military families Skills to Succeed (MFS2S) is an important partnership between the MFRC-NCR and Accenture Canada that provides military spouses with the skills to find and create meaningful employment. MFS2S workshops are held in various locations around the city, throughout the year.

Other resources

MFS2S Virtual Career Assistance

Accenture’s Military Families Skills to Succeed (MFS2S) team is set up to provide one-on-one guidance and assistance to military families needing help with their resume or to prepare for job interviews. Assistance also includes help with establishing your online presence and developing your networks. This service is available on-demand, when you need it.

Please note: There is a two-week response rate from the time you register until you will be contacted.

Resume Consultation Service

The one-on-one resume consultation will provide detailed information about the new world of resumes in a digital age. The focus will be to review how best to organize the experiences you have and account for the nomadic lifestyles in a way that accentuates the positives of your skills and capabilities. Together with an industry expert from Accenture, you will review the fundamentals of the resume and discuss the best way to show varied works experiences. A focus on your goals and your brand will also be covered to tailor your resume to where you want to go. You will have chance to sit down (in person or virtually) with a volunteer to review the experiences against a resume checklist and get recommendations for enhancements.

You will leave this session with a better sense of how to document and reflect your experience, skills and qualifications (and maybe a bit of homework) so you can increase your chances of success in the job search.

Interview Techniques Consultation

The Interview Technique consultation service will serve as professional development to help you develop your skills in this critical area for those who have to move frequently and go through more than the average number of job interviews.

  • One-on-one sessions to provide you with tips on how to present yourself during an interview; then,
  • Run through several 4-5 minute ‘interview questions’, practicing key interview questions in a one-on-one format; and finally,
  • Receive feedback, being offered tips to improve responses, etc.

The opportunity is there for you to work on skills and to practice your responses, come prepared to talk about your relevant experiences and skills. A fun and low-stress way to build your confidence to handle the inevitable challenging questions, and geared specifically to your experience and situations as military spouses who have had varied experiences in many locations.

LinkedIn Consultation Service

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service that allows you to manage your professional identity, build and engage with your professional network and access knowledge, insights and opportunities. The LinkedIn consultation service will provide you with the knowledge and skills to create, manage and maintain a relevant, up-to-date profile that can assist with finding and applying to opportunities wherever you may be located or relocated to.

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Do you know what working Virtually means?

Technology now allows us to work from everywhere. Telecommuting, or virtual work, is now offered by more companies and is ideal for starting a business from home. If you can Skype, you can work virtually!

What is a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant (abbreviated to VA) is an office administration professional offering remote administrative support to small or medium sized business.

All of these services and workshop are proudly sponsored by Accenture Canada