RACE route

The Race Across Canada Event


The RACE is a fun and motivating NCR wide initiative to promote participation in physical activity, and enhance esprit de corps/unit cohesion through healthy competition.

In teams of 10, members of the Defense Community will race across Canada from CFB Gander to CFB Esquimalt (6,770km) and beyond. The team that covers the greatest distance and the team that participates in the most group activities will win a prize!

Oh Canada!

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, we are posing a special challenge for the Defence Community. We would like for all of our teams to cross Canada a total of 150 times, reaching a combined total of 1,015,500 km. Let’s all push ourselves a little further every day and see if we can go the extra mile.

The race will kick off on 2 October and will run for 5 weeks until 3 November.

Team Requirements. 

  • Teams will be formed of 10 members. Civilian participation is permitted. We encourage all teams to have a fair and diverse representation of participants.
  • Teams participating in group activities must count at least 6 members of their team per activity. No minimum number of activities is required. Each group activity is worth one point and may consist of unit PT, group runs, PSP fitness sessions, etc.
  • Team Captains must tabulate and submit their team’s total kilometers and group activities online on Mondays NLT 1500 hrs.Kilometers will be awarded based on the duration of the activity performed. Please see the RACE Qualifying Unit Chart below for reference.
  • Results will be updated every Tuesday at 1200 hrs.

How to Register

  • Make sure that you follow all of the criteria listed in the RACE Rules.
  • You can use the fillable RACE team registration form to create your team.
  • Register your team online (form below) by Wednesday 27 September 2017. Your registration confirmation will include an Excel document, the RACE Individual Log, which you can distribute to your team members so they can track their activities.

Online registration form

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RACE Qualifying Unit Chart

Aerobic Classes 10.0 min 5 km
Backpacking (Ruck marches) 8.5 min 5 km
Calisthenics (vigorous) 7.5 min 5 km
Circuit Training 7.5 min 5 km
Cycling 12.0 min 5 km
Elliptical 11.0 min 5 km
Hiking 10.0 min 5 km
Ice Hockey 7.0 min 5 km
Individual Sports 9.0 min 5 km
Jogging 6.0 min 5 km
Martial Arts 6.0 min 5 km
Pilates 10.0 min 5 km
Raking/Mowing Lawn 15.0 min 5 km
Rope Skipping 7.5 min 5 km
Rowing (canoe/kayak/etc.) 9.0 min 5 km
Skating (ice/roller) 8.5 min 5 km
Stairs 10.0 min 5 km
Swimming 10.0 min 5 km
Team Sports 8.0 min 5 km
Walking 15.0 min 5 km
Weight Training 20.0 min 5 km
Yoga 15.0 min 5 km
* Please Note: Performance Standards are set based on an average time to burn 100 calories *