Reconditioning Program

Reconditioning Program

Keep counting on the PSP reconditioning team while fighting COVID-19.
As the present situation requires social distance, the PSP reconditioning team is ready to continually support military members in a safe way.
Contact our experts to receive custom training programs, progress reports and live video coaching sessions from the comfort of your home.
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The primary objective of the PSP Reconditioning Program is to provide consistent and seamless physical fitness and conditioning programs and services to ill and injured CAF personnel that have transitioned from their rehabilitation.The program is designed to help members to go back to full active duties and improve their quality of life as quickly as possible.
The CFSG(O-G) PSP Reconditioning team consist of one Reconditioning Manager and three Physical Exercise Specialists (PES). The Reconditioning Managers main objective is to evaluate and elaborate new programs across the NCR. He supports the PES’ in providing a continuum of care for the CAF members and is also the liaison between the different key partners dedicated to support the soldiers recovering from illnesses and injuries; Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group (CAF TG), Soldier On and CF Health services.
The PES are in charge of the delivery of the different programs. The main goal is to assist the CAF members through customized training exercise and training program in meeting Universality of Service.
In the NCR, the Reconditioning program is mainly offered at CFS Leitrim, National Defense Medical Centre (NDMC) on Alta Vista, NDHQ-Pearkes and NDHQ-Carling and it includes:
  • Solid Foundation
    • Small group class (ratio 1 instructor for 6 participants) with the objective of building up and teaching the foundations of human movement;
      • how to correctly mobilize your body to increase function;
      • how to engage your core and joints to stabilize your body and;
      • how to activate proper muscles for proficient movement.
    • This class will propel your physical knowledge and help you gain confidence to allow you to build a solid movement foundation leading you to successfully partake in the other fitness classes with low risk injuries.
  • Individualized Programs
    • All members within the Reconditioning and Return to Duty (RTD) program are provided a customized training program to assist them with their recovery and to ensure they are successful returning to work fit full duties. This process includes;
      • Movement Screen
        • Tool used to identify asymmetries, imbalances in joints mobility and stability.
      • Physical Fitness assessment
        • Cardiovascular testing;
        • Muscle strength and endurance tasks tailored to the member’s goals.
  • Symptom-Limited Activities for Military (SLAM/ Concussion)
    • Addresses the challenges of readiness of the CAF members that have sustained a concussion;
    • Same protocols of an individualized programs applies, but also includes a task-related predictive test which consists of 4 measurements to evaluate the degree of severity of the concussion.
  • Supervised Physical Training
    • A scheduled timing where the PES will be available in the gym to answer any questions or provide guidance on your training program or technique.
  • Supplemental Physical Training Program
    • In collaboration with the Fitness and Sport Instructors, the primary goal of this program is to provide training sessions to improve FORCE Evaluation results.
For more information on the programs offered contact the CFSG(O-G) Reconditioning Manager Dominic Pharand at or use the positional mailbox for the Physical Exercise Specialist -