Run/Walk to Quit 6-week learn to run/walk program

Run/Walk to Quit

Run/Walk to Quit is a new 6-week program from the PSP CFSU(O) Health Promotion team designed to help people quit tobacco use by using running/walking as an alternative to tobacco use.
About 25% of smokers who use running as a motivation to quit become ex-smokers 1, 2 compared to approximately 4% of smokers who quit without assistance of any kind.
This new initiative combines the BUTT OUT* tobacco cessation program with a walk/run program to help people reach their goal of becoming tobacco-free. The program will provide information, guidance and support to participants, helping them to learn how to become and stay tobacco free as well as increase their level of regular physical activity

For more information, call 613-901-5496 or email OttawaHealthPromotion@forces.gc.ca

*The BUTT OUT program uses a combination of behaviour modification, group support, best practices, and medications to help reduce nicotine withdrawal and increase cessation success. Visit www.pspottawa.ca/healthpromotion for more information on this and other Health Promotion programs.
1 Marcus BH et al. (1999). The efficacy of exercise as an aid for smoking cessation in women - A randomized controlled trial. Archives of Internal Medicine, 159, 1229-1234.
2 Ussher, M.H., Taylor, A.H., West, R., & McEwen, A. (2000). Does exercise aid smoking cessation? A systematic review. Addiction, 95(2), 199-208.

Note: This program is reserved for CAF members who want to quit tobacco.