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Join a Health Promotion Specialist for a web briefing - we look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals! 

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27 May, 3 June, 10 June and 17 June



Managing Angry Moments: 4-Part series

27 May - Part 1: Understanding Anger and Choosing Coping Thoughts
*Discover what anger is, and where it comes from. Find out how learning to change your thoughts can change your response. 

3 June - Part 2: Controlling Stress Responses For Positive Outcomes
*Learn how stress and anger are related. Learn to manage stress to reduce anger triggers.

10 June - Part 3:Tools for Managing Triggers
*This session is full of tips and tricks to minimize and reduce anger situations to help keep relationships strong. 

17 June - Part 4: Forgiveness
*Putting it all together and finding peace through Forgiveness.

15 June 2021




Fueling for Exercise
Get the most out of what you're eating: choose the right foods, time it right, and fuel your muscles (not fat stores)! Since you're investing time in exercising, it's important to invest time in making sure you're fueling properly to hit your goals--whatever they may be.

16 June 2021


Canada Army Run Training Program Webinar
This webinar provides supplementary information and detailed explanations on the NEW Army Run Training Program to help you achieve your running goals. The session will be facilitated by: a Fitness & Sports Instructor for the physical training aspect, a Physical Exercise Specialist for the injury prevention element, and a Health Promotion Specialist for the sports nutrition segment.
*Prerequisite: Please read the Canada Army Run Training Program prior to attending the session.

* A confirmation email in the form of a meeting request will be sent shortly after your registration. Please accept this meeting request.

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