Memberships on hold due to COVID-19.

Membership and Fees Benefits

  • Free or reduced admission to special events
  • Discounted fees for all programs
  • Discounted pool admission and swimming lessons
  • Great savings on PSP Ottawa Summer Camps
  • Reduced facility and equipment usage fees
  • Access to Members-Only programs and activities
The PSP Ottawa Recreation Plan for the National Capital Region consists of three membership categories.

Regular Member

  • Regular and Reserve Forces personnel currently serving and their families;
  • Members of Foreign Military currently serving with the CAF and their families;
  • Veterans (former members of the CAF who have successfully completed Basic Military training and have been honourably discharged) and their families.

Regular Member Rates

12 Month Individual      $100
12 Month Family           $160
6 Month Individual         $75
6 Month Family              $110

Ordinary Member

  • Current DND Public Servants, Staff of NPF, MFRC's, Staff of DRDC and DCC and their families;
  • Serving RCMP and their families;
  • Currently serving Honorary Colonels/Captains (N) and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonels/Commanders and their families;
  • Former staff of NPF receiving a pension and their families; and
  • Former RCMP in receipt of an annuity and their families.

Ordinary Member Rates

12 Month Individual       $130
12 Month Family            $190
6 Month Individual          $90
6 Month Family               $140


Associate Member

All others who pay or are invited to become members.

Associate Member Rates

12 Month Individual        $175
12 Month Family             $250
6 Month Individual          $125
6 Month Family               $185

How Do I Sign Up?

 You can sign up in three easy steps:
  1. Online or visit our office Mon-Fri, 0800-1200 hrs and 1300-1600. No appointments are necessary. Our office is located at the Uplands Military Community Centre, Building 471, 330 Croil Private, Ottawa, ON, K1V 1J1.*
  2. Submit your payment by Visa, MasterCard or debit.
  3. Fill out our membership information form.
*Fee covers up to five immediate family members (children under 25) residing at the same permanent address


For more information please contact our office at (613) 998-8216 or email