Second Language Training

Second Language Training


Second Language Training

When living in the National Capital Region speaking both official languages is a highly sought-after skill. That is why we developed three innovative ways to learn both French and English. 

We offer three Innovative ways to learn a second language

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Course Overview
Goal: The goal of the courses is to provide civilian CAF family members with a working knowledge of their second language.
Curriculum: The courses concentrate on oral communication. The curriculum is based on the CAF Second Language Training (although it has been modified for civilians).
Progress Control Exams: We offer Progress Control exams after Modules 2, 4, and 7, 9 and 10.
Modules: Different modules are available each semester, depending on the number of registrants. Classes require a minimum of five participants to maximum of ten
Certification: A certificate of participation is presented upon the completion of a module (60 hours).

Class Locations and Schedules
The spring session will run from Monday April 24th – Thursday June 29th, in locations across the National Capital Region.

Registration deadline: Friday April 14th

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Civilian CAF Family Members………..$50
CAF Members Past & Present…………$75 (non refundable) Civilians……………………………………….$150 (non refundable)
Changing to another class level or location after classes begin is dependent on the availability of spaces.
Civilian CAF family members will now be refunded if they attend 85% of their classes.

English as a Second Language
Community members also have the opportunity to take English courses in partnership with the CÉGEP de l’Outaouais. The course fee may be refunded if the student participates at 85% of their classes and receives their certificate of participation from the CÉGEP. This offer is for family members of CAF personnel only. The next session is scheduled to begin in January 2017.

Online Training

A free and modern way to learn the basics of a new language. This application is easy to use anywhere including on your smartphone or tablet. It features interesting ways to keep you motivated and stays current with the latest technology changes and advancements. Visit or download the app to start learning today!

Listen to CDs

Several audio CD sets for Second Language Training in both French and English are available to CAF members and their families. You can borrow these items for a minimum of a month with a $20 deposit that will be reimbursed when the item is returned.

For more information, contact our Second Language Training Coordinator, Taylor Galloway at (613) 998-4844.