Emergency Child Care

Emergency Child Care


Emergency Child Care

Through the support of the CAF, the MFRC-NCR is able to facilitate short-term emergency child care services in diverse situations, in support of operational readiness. Its goal is to assist families during the first 96 hours of an emergency while waiting for their Family Care Plan to be implemented.

Problematic situations arise when the military member or family member does not have the opportunity to implement their personal childcare plan. These emergency situations can be the result of an unexpected deployment, illness, injury, or other problems that the spouse or caregiver may encounter. This service exist to supplement, not replace, the child care plans which CAF members are required to have implemented prior to a planned separation or deployment. 

These plans are valuable tools in preventing possible caregiver emergencies and reducing stress that may occur in the event your usual child care arrangements fail. 

Download the Emergency Child Care Receipt (PDF)
Consult our documentation concerning the Emergency Child Care

Call the MFRC-NCR and speak with Caroline Chor at (613) 991-5051 for more information or contact the after hours Padre's office at (613)998-3246

If the emergency situation happens after office hours, Ontario residents  may contact Home Watch Caregivers at (613) 730-2188, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Québec residents may contact Service à domicile de l'Outaouais (819) 561-0911. Please note that the latter is closed between midnight and 5:00 a.m.