6:30 to 8:30


Adulting 101 Every Wednesdays

Are you inevitably going to be an adult soon? We got you covered! 7 weeks, 7 different workshops on tools for adulthood all happening at the MFRC Main Hall.

Week 1 – Budgeting 101 – May 2

Trying to save money?

Come learn about the importance of budgeting, how to create a budget, the realities of credit and investment options for long term savings.

Week 2 – Employment 101 – May 9

Tired of being "fun'"employed?

Come learn about the job market for young adults. We will discuss interview skills, where to look for a job, resumes, what to look for in a contract, and much more.

Week 3 – Cooking 101 – May 16

Tired of living off Mac and Cheese or ramen? 

Join us for a cooking lesson to make a healthy meal that can be recreated at home with the experts at PC Cooking School on Richmond Rd in Ottawa.

* $10 per participant. 

Week 4 – Real Estate 101 – May 23 

You can’t couch surf forever!

Come learn what you need to know before you leave home. We will discuss renter’s rights and responsibilities, added expenses you need to factor into your budget, what to look for and what to avoid on your search with experts’ advice provided by the Royal LePage team.

Week 5 – Car knowledge 101 – May 30 

What’s that sound coming out of my car?

Come learn basic car knowledge, including tips for purchasing, hidden expenses, basic maintenance and what to do in a collision with Mechanical Apprentice Trevor Alain.

Week 6 – Procrastination 101 – June 6 

Tired of procrastinating all the time? 

Come learn how to combat procrastination, study tips, goal setting and how to overcome academic stress. Hear from Andrew Otis, Carleton Student, Academic Coach and Mentor in the Enriched Support Program.


Week 7 – Internet Safety 101 – June 13

Catfishing – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

Come learn about personal safety on  social media, and making responsible choices with Sgt Faubert.

Registration fees are $5 per participant. Register now to these workshops by telephone at (613) 998-4888 or email us