Building Blocks

6pm to 7:30pm


Building Blocks Social Skills Group 8-week program, beginning April 4th, 2019

Building blocks are renowned for promoting fine motor skills, encouraging team work, improving creativity, communication, self-esteem, mathematical thinking, planning skills and so much more.  

The Family Wellness team at your MFRC is offering a Building Blocks Social Skills Group program intended for children between ages of 7 and 12 with high functioning ASD (Level 1), ADHD, anxiety and/or who are experiencing social difficulties.      

Children will be assigned a different building block kit weekly to assemble and cooperate together to problem solve. 

This group requires pre-assessment testing prior to March 7, 2019 for admission into this program. If this opportunity interests you, please do not hesitate to join a waitlist for future programs. For additional inquiries, please contact Special Needs Coordinator, Joanna O’Connor,