10am to 1pm

MFRC Youth Ambassadors November 23, 2019

Become a leader in your community by joining the MFRC Youth Ambassadors. Your MFRC is offering a workshop alongside Volunteer Ottawa to introduce volunteering to youth ages 13 to 18. Every month, the youth council will get together to volunteer somewhere new in our community. 

Furthermore, the MFRC Youth Ambassadors will receive additional and optional volunteering opportunities from all around the NCR!

This is a great professional opportunity to accrue work experience for ages 13 to 18. Add the MFRC Youth Ambassadors on your resume, gain professional references, network with professional, all while having fun and making a difference in the community!

Every time you attend the MFRC Youth Ambassadors, you earn your mandatory high school volunteer hours!

For ages 13 to 18. To register, please contact us at 613-991-3676 or