Commercial Fitness Facilities

Commercial Fitness Facilities

Military personnel who possess a permanent military photo ID, an allied Forces photo ID or a temporary photo ID may access the facilities below free of charge. DND employees, contractors and dependants do not have free access to these facilities.

Free Squash at the RA Centre

2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa
​To reserve, call the RA Centre at (613) 733-5100 

Squash only. CAF personnel must present their military ID at the reception and register.   

Customer service hours

  • Mondays – 1900 to 2115 hrs (2 courts)  
  • Fridays – 1430 to 1645 hrs (2 courts)  
  • Sundays – 1430 to 1645 hrs (2 courts)  

Lane Swimming 

CAF personnel on active duty can swim for free at the Taggart Family Y or any City of Ottawa swimming facility.

Taggart Family YMCA
180 Argyle Avenue, Ottawa

Click here to discover lane swim times.

CAF personnel must show their military ID and sign in at the front desk for access. Once signed in, members will receive a bracelet that must be worn during the entirety of their visit. The bracelets will allow access to the change rooms and the pool only. Any member that does not abide by Taggart Family Y rules and accesses out of bound areas will be reported to CFSU(O) chain of command and will have their access to the Taggart Family Y swimming facilities suspended. 

City of Ottawa swimming facilities
CAF personnel may request up to two swim passes per week to access any City of Ottawa swimming facility. The passes can be requested and picked up at the PSP gyms located at Star Top, Leitrim and Carling Campus.
Lane swim times vary depending on preferred location. Click here to find your preferred location and swim time.
Each City of Ottawa location has their own rules and regulations. Please, ensure that you take your time to read and follow them.