Fitness Facilities

Fitness Facilities

Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19, please note that not all fitness centres will be fully operational or running on regular hours. Please check with your PSP Fitness team for further information.


Priority for use of the fitness facility, equipment, and services is given to Canadian Armed Forces military personnel.

Department of National Defence civilian employees and staff of the Non-Public Funds are welcome to use this facility at the discretion of the Commandant, provided they not interfere with any military fitness training. They do so on their own time and at their own risk, and they waive all rights to claim against the Crown in the event of loss, injury or death.

Contractors, dependents and visitors are not authorized to use the fitness facility, equipment, or services.

Military Fitness, Sports and Recreation Facilities Rules and Regulations

Limited outdoor fitness programs are available for units to reserve and virtual fitness classes continue to be offered. More information can be found here: