Downtown Fitness Facilities

Fitness Facilities

Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19, please note that not all fitness centres will be fully operational or running on regular hours. Please check with your PSP Fitness team for further information.


  • Please check this page often for schedule updates and cancellations.
    • Note that all participants must preregister for the Spin Classes at NDHQ by signing in the binder in the Fitness office located in the gym. 
    • Fitness Class Descriptions
  • Force Evaluation Room
    • The Force Evaluation Room is open Monday to Friday from 0700 to 1500 hrs for Open PT. Please call (613) 943-5445 for more information.
    • The FORCE Evaluation room located at BS-046A in the Mg Pearkes Bldg. does not have change rooms.
    • Please change in the NDHQ gym change rooms located on the 5th floor, North Tower, and use the 5A North Tower Stair well or the freight elevator to make your way to the basement.