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Upcoming Events

Friday Members’ Lunches

The Members’ Lunches held on Fridays are funded by your mess dues and are exceedingly popular. However, it has become apparent that the number of non-members attending has become excessive, thereby driving food costs past the budget allocation.

AOM guest policy for Friday lunch is as follows:  

  • AOM members attending the Friday lunches are allowed to have one (1) guest.
  • Officers who are members of another mess can attend the lunch and are allowed to have one (1) guest.  
  • Military ID / member ID checks will be conducted at the mess entrance on occasional Fridays to verify adherence to attendance and guest policies.  

Taxi Chits

  • Taxi chits were introduced for the purpose of providing AOM members a safe alternative to get home after an AOM sponsored evening event.  As such, taxi chits are generally not available for morning or lunch activities. Further, taxi chits are for travel from the AOM to home, not from home to the AOM.
  • For AOM sponsored events, the availability of taxi chits is noted at the bottom of the AOM advertisements sent out to members. Up to $60 for a taxi can be reimbursed for the trip home after the event. Members are asked to bring the taxi receipt to the Mess office for cash reimbursement within 30 days of incurring the cost.
  • Private functions (such as unit mess dinners, business lunches, unit professional development nights, etc) are not AOM sponsored events and, as such, the AOM membership does not provide these functions with taxi chits. The organizer of the private function is responsible for arranging and funding a taxi option for the function.

“Note – NPF policy does not allow reimbursement of ride-sharing (e.g. Uber) receipts.”