Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pool

The outdoor pool is closed until further notice due to mechanical issues. We apologize for any inconvenience.


The outdoor pool is open 7 days a week from early-June to early September every summer. The pool offers Red Cross swimming lessons, private swimming lessons, leisure swims, and adult lane swims.

Swimming Lessons
Pool Fees
Private Bookings
Admission Standards 


Mondays - Fridays
1200 - 1330hrs:  Adult Lane Swim 
1430 - 1900hrs:  Open Swim
1900 - 2000hrs:  Adult Lane Swim                                                                                         

Saturdays & Sundays
1200 - 1300hrs: Adult Lane Swim
1300 - 1800hrs: Open Swim

Join us at the following events, and swim for free!

  • Canada Day: Monday, 01 July from 1300 - 1800hrs
  • Civic Holiday: Monday, 05 August from 1300 - 1800hrs
  • Labour Day: Monday, 02 September from 1300 - 1800hrs

Swimming Lessons

Sessions & Fees
Session 1: 02 Jul - 12 Jul, 1100 - 1200hrs
Session 2: 15 Jul - 26 Jul, 1100 - 1200hrs
Session 3: 29 Jul - 09 Aug,  1100 - 1200hrs
Session 4: 12 Aug - 23 Aug, 1100 - 1200hrs            

PSP Recreation Member: starting at $75/session
Non-PSP Member: starting at $100/session

Level Assessment
Not sure what level you should register for? Just drop in at any leisure swim and ask an instructor to assess you or your child.

Private & Semi Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons are available and designed to assist children, youth and adults to overcome fear of the water or to master a skill. A certified instructor will work with you on a one-to-one basis. To register or for more information, please contact PSP Recreation by phone at 613-998-8216 or by email: recreation-psp-loisir@forces.gc.ca

Private swim lessons are available in 30, 45 or 60 minute increments, Monday - Friday from 1200 - 1300hrs  

                                             Private                 Semi
PSP Recreation Member      $25/30 min          $20/30min                  
Non-PSP Member                 $30/30 min          $25/30min                  

Pool Fees


Full Season (16 Jun - 02 Sept)
PSP Recreation Member (Family)                          $100
PSP Recreation Member (Individual)                     $40
Non-PSP Member (Family)                                    $150
Non-PSP Member (Individual)                                $60

Half Season (16 Jun - 24 Jul or 25 Jul - 02 Sept)
PSP Recreation Member (Family)                         $75
PSP Recreation Member (Individual)                     $30
Non-PSP Member (Family)                                    $100
Non-PSP Member (Individual)                               $40                         
Drop In 
FREE for Active Military Members* & Children Under 2
PSP Recreation Member (per person)                 $3.50                                                         Non-PSP Member (per person)                            $5                           
* ID Required

Private Bookings

Book your next party or private function today!
All fees listed below are per hour and include 2 lifeguards for a maximum of 59 people. There is a charge for additional lifeguards, for a maximum of 110 people and 4 lifeguards.

PSP Recreation Member                                        $75/hr
Additional Lifeguard                                                $25/hr

Non-PSP Member                                                   $100/hr
Additional Lifeguard                                                 $30/hr

Admission Standards 

Children (0-5 years)                                                               
• 1:2 ratio
◦ Access to Shallow Water Only
◦ Guardian (14+) in the pool within one arms reach
Children (6-10 years) - Ages 6-7 OR DID NOT PASS SWIM TEST                                              
• 1:4 ratio
◦ May access any area of the pool
◦ Guardian (14+) in the pool within one arms reach
• 1:8 ratio 
◦ Wrist band - May access any area of pool
◦ Guardian (14+) in the pool or the pool area
Swim Test
• Swim 2 widths of the pool uninterrupted


Please note that the pool can close at any time without notice due to inclement weather, chemical levels and other reasons beyond our control. 

Please note the following pool closure for lifeguard skills training on: Wednesday 24 July, 1700 - 2000hrs..
Bldg 57, 425 Breadner Blvd Ottawa, ON, K1V 1J1. For more information on the outdoor pool please contact the PSP Recreation office at (613)  998-8216 or recreation-psp-loisir@forces.gc.ca

*Prices and schedule subject to change at any time without notice
*If divergent, 2019 market prices and schedule take precedence over CAFConnection