Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pool

Opening in June – Subject to change due to Covid-19.

PSP Outdoor Pool

Buy your pool membership now: https://bkk.cfmws.com/ottawapub.

The outdoor pool is open 7 days a week from Saturday, 19 June to Monday, 06 September 2021. The pool offers open swims and lane swims.

Pool Fees
Admission Standards 


Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays
1200 - 1300hrs: Open Swim 
1300 - 1400hrs: Open Swim
1400 - 1430hrs: Closed for Cleaning 
1430 - 1630hrs: Open Swim 
1630 - 1700hrs: Closed for Cleaning 
1700 - 1800hrs: Open Swim
1800 - 1900hrs:  Adult Lane Swim    
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
1200 - 1300hrs: Adult Lane Swim 
1300 - 1400hrs: Open Swim
1400 - 1430hrs: Closed for Cleaning 
1430 - 1630hrs: Open Swim 
1630 - 1700hrs: Closed for Cleaning 
1700 - 1800hrs: Open Swim
1800 - 1900hrs: Open Swim                                                                                       

Join us at the following events, and swim for free!

  • Civic Holiday: Monday, 03 August 
  • Labour Day: Monday, 07 September 

Pool Fees


Half Season (17 July - 13 September)
PSP Plan Member (Family) $75 + HST
PSP Plan Member (Individual) $30 + HST
Non-PSP Plan Member (Family)  $100 + HST
Non-PSP Plan Member (Individual)   $40 + HST
Drop In (must be purchased in advance at https://bkk.cfmws.com/ottawapub/)
Active Military Members* & Children Under 2 FREE
PSP Plan Member (per person)  $3.50 incuding HST
 Non-PSP Plan Member (per person) $5 including HST
* ID Required

Admission Standards 

Children (0-5 years)                                                               
• 1:2 ratio
◦ Access to Shallow Water Only
◦ Guardian (14+) in the pool within one arms reach
Children (6-10 years) - Ages 6-7 OR DID NOT PASS SWIM TEST                                              
• 1:4 ratio
◦ May access any area of the pool
◦ Guardian (14+) in the pool within one arms reach
• 1:8 ratio 
◦ Wrist band - May access any area of pool
◦ Guardian (14+) in the pool or the pool area
Swim Test
• Swim 2 widths of the pool uninterrupted on their front showing the ability to put their face in without goggles

COVID-19 Payment and Check In

  • Memberships and drop in passes must be purchased the day of your swim at https://bkk.cfmws.com/ottawapub/memberships/index.asp
  • Only Credit Cards are accepted
  • Lifeguards will not be processing payments
  • Lifeguards will ask for ID and receipt (paper or digital) on arrival 

COVID-19 Swim Test Rules:

  • Guardian (14+) must be in the water during the swim test
    • If the child fails the guardian must sign in and pay
    • If the child passes the guardian must sit outside the fence
  • If the child passes they will not need to redo the swim test the remainder of the summer
  • Guardian (14+) must bracelet their child not the lifeguard

COVID-19 Additional Rules:

General Program Changes
  • Due to provincial guidelines restricting the number of swimmers per class and the stipulation that classes must consist of swimmers being from the same household there will be no swimming lessons offered this summer.
  • There will be two programs offered, Open Swim and Adult Lane Swim.
  • In order to meet Provincial Guidelines, pool capacity for Open Swim has been reduced to 20 people and pool capacity for Lane Swim has been reduced to 12 people.
  • The splash pad is under maintenance and will be closed.
  • Timed entry will be in effect for both Open Swims and Lane Swims and you will need to book your place in advance.
Changes to the Facility
  • 2m markings have been installed at the pool entrance,
  • The diving board will remain closed.
  • Changing Rooms will be open but only for the use of the bathroom and the shower, guests are not to leave belongings in the change room. Hooks and benches are closed.
  • Limited seating is available on the pool deck (4). All seating is spaced at least 2m apart and will accommodate a maximum of 2 person per area (from the same household).
  • Changing rooms will be cleaned every 2 hours.
  • Pool area will be closed for 30 minutes in between bookings for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Chlorine levels of 3-5 will be maintained as opposed to usual 0.5-5.
  • PH levels of 7.4-7.6 will be maintained as opposed to usual 7.4-7.8.
Guidelines for Clients
  • You must book your spot in Open Swim and/or Lane Swim in advance.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available upon entrance to pool.
  • Clients not from the same household are asked to keep a distance of 2m apart from others.
  • We encourage clients to come changed and showered. You must shower before entering the pool.
  • Clients must wear a mask at all times in the changing rooms.
  • While swimming you must maintain a distance of 2m from other swimmers not from the same household.
  • No equipment will be available, you must bring your own equipment to use in the water.
  • Lost and Found
    • The lost and found bin will remain outside on the pool deck
    • Lifeguards will wear gloves to place item in the lost and found bin
    • Lifeguards will not look through the lost and found bin
  • Lifeguard Office
    • Clients are not allowed in the lifeguard office except for first aid
    • Clients are not allowed to store personal belongings in the lifeguard office

COVID-19 Booking Rules:
  • Clients need to book their pool time before arriving
    • Clients can book up to 24hrs in advance by calling 613-998-8266 between 1200-1900hrs
    • Clients can only book spots for their own household (up to 6 family members)
    • Clients will be given a 15 minute grace period
    • If clients miss there pool time three (3x) without cancelling in advance by phone 613-998-8266 they will no longer be allowed to book
    • Clients need to state their first and last name, phone number, age, category (Regular, Ordinary or Associate) and pay (membership, drop in member or drop in non-member)