Camping, Sun, Kid on paddle board, MFRC-NCR and KOA logos

Family Connect Camp 2019 July 19 to July 21

The MFRC NCR is excited to offer, once again, our Family Connect Camp at Cardinal KOA Campgrounds!

This camp is back by popular demand and provides its attendees with access to an onsite pool, big & kiddie bouncers, a water slide, hayrides, play structures, and many other campground activities! Woo Hoo!

Enjoy a weekend together, away from home, and allow yourselves to disconnect from the many distractions that daily life presents. Use this weekend as an engaging opportunity to rediscover and strengthen your bonds as a family.

This year the camp’s focus will be on creating new memories together, as a family unit. This is a wonderful space for families facing separation, or have recently experienced a deployment, to discover how to keep your family connected while going through challenging transitions.

Families in attendance will have the opportunity for a one-on-one sit down with our Family Wellness professionals, share their experiences and receive tips and tools on how to help support themselves and their family members during such separations.

The weekend cost ranges between $30 to $60 per family, depending on your family size. Registration deadline is June 28, 2019, at 4 PM. This is a first come first served event, please contact Family Intake Coordinator at 613-998-4884 / for more information or to register.