Izzy Dolls and yarn

Izzy Dolls for the Frontlines April 1, 8, 11, 15, 25, 29

The Izzy Doll Project is a momentous volunteer-based initiative aiming to provide comfort for distressed children on the frontlines.     

The Izzy Doll project began in the early 1990s, when Master Corporal Isfeld “Izzy” was clearing landmines in Croatia. One day, he saw a doll laying on a pile of rubble. The idea that a young child had fled so quickly and left behind their beloved doll saddened the soldier. After contacting to his mother Carol regarding this experience, she had an idea. She crocheted a handful of six-inch dolls - - small enough to fit in a soldier’s pocket, some of which had a blue peace-keeper beret; others, pigtails. She mailed them to her son, who proceeded to hand out the dolls. Soon he needed more.    

Isfeld became known as the soldier who received little handshakes, captured little hearts, and made the children smile.    

You can be sure that an Izzy Doll you hand make will find its way into the arms of a child in need of a friend. The MFRC is calling out to those interested in making a difference in a child’s life. All are welcome to contribute to our Izzy Doll initiative, join us on our mission towards peace.    

This event is open to everyone, no knitting experience required, your desire to return, guaranteed.  
To register, please contact us at 613-998-4888.   


April 1, 8, 15, 29 - time & location:    
6:30pm to 9pm   
Our Lady of the Airways Chapel, 337 Breadner Blvd, Ottawa, ON 

April 11, 25 - time & location:   
9:30am to 12pm    
Kanata Legion Branch 638, 70 Hines Rd, Kanata