Volunteering in the NCR

According to Statistics Canada, Canadians devote about 2 billion hours to volunteer activities every year. With 44% of the population participating in some form of volunteer work, Canada has one of the highest volunteering rates in the world. Those helpful hands boost the potential of all sorts of organizations that have a direct positive impact on their communities.
In the NCR, the Defense community benefits from the generosity of people that choose make a difference to “those who serve” and their families. Last year, 146 volunteers joined the PSP team to help with a variety of activities related to recreation, fitness and special events.
They come for many reasons. Some of them want to have the chance to give something back to the community. Others are motivated by the opportunity to secure enough volunteering hours to fulfill the high-school program. Whatever their reasons are, many of the programs available to the DND community rely on their valuable time and talents. “Without dedicated volunteers many of our Clubs and programs would simply not exist. On behalf of PSP Recreation I would like to thank each and every one of our volunteers for the many dedicated hours and support provided to the Defence Community,” says David Leblanc, PSP Community Recreation Manager.
Besides being important to our community, volunteering can be a very gratifying experience for all. Be fulfilled with a great sense of achievement and personal growth, making new friends, acquiring or teaching skills are some of the most common enriching opportunities the volunteers find.
“My husband, Maj Sebastien Godin, and I started a judo program in the fall of 2018 in Ottawa with PSP. Sebastien started Judo when he was 5 years old and even as a military brat was able to continue growing in the sport wherever his family was posted to, he even achieved a position on Canada’s National Judo Team. Years later our kids got the judo bug too! We wanted to offer affordable judo classes to the military community so other military kids and families could create the same memories and friendships we have. Through PSP and with the help of some precious judo friends, we set up a dojo in the gym at CFS Leitrim and we are passing the judo bug to many more kids and adults, both military and civilian.  Seeing military and civilians, adults and children getting along, learning, playing, and growing in the sport and as a community is very rewarding and we are looking to continue this initiative for years to come,” says the volunteer Emilie Godin.

Showing Our Appreciation

 Thanks to CANEX Volunteer Recognition Program, PSP and MFRC work together every year to show our appreciation to adult and youth volunteers for the important work they do in our community. The next Annual Volunteer Recognition Event will take place on 14 November 2019. Invited volunteers will participate in fun activities and in a ceremony to celebrate their commitment and generosity. According to CANEX, “thanks to volunteers, communities grow strong and resilient.”